TMX Atrium

TMX Atrium is a leading low latency venue-neutral infrastructure provider for financial services participants in Europe and North America. We have a presence in 12 countries across USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Russia, providing connectivity to over 30 major trading venues and offering low latency access to over 500 data sources.

TMX Atrium’s primary focus is to provide simple connectivity from client locations to their trading counterparties. We do this, by offering a variety of access options enabling clients to connect to the TMX Atrium community to then access the full range of the TMX Atrium community.

TMX Atrium’s coverage is across all market segments and all asset classes; cash equities, foreign exchange, fixed income, futures, options and commodity markets.

TMX Atrium continually invests in its infrastructure to ensure it remains co-located with key exchange sites and offers the necessary bandwidth and scale to match the international trading communities’ demand for connectivity to the global markets.

TMX Atrium was founded in 2006, and has offices in Chicago, London, New York and Toronto.